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Browse my funny shirts, or send me a drawing/photo and I will put it on a tee for you! If you've ever wanted a tee to say something specific, or have a specific picture on it, contact me and I will make it happen. I can put things on the back, front, even side pockets. You pick the color, the style, the size, etc...
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30 January 2010 @ 02:52 pm
I designed a nesting doll print tie a while ago and listed it in my Zazzle store. It has been my most popular item, with me selling over 10 ties a month now... Check it out, it is quite cute!
29 December 2009 @ 10:40 am
I've been making hand made jewelry for a while, and this is my most recent stuff listed in my Etsy shop:

Current Mood: creativecreative
22 December 2009 @ 01:57 am
Lately, I have been drawing stuff, for myself as well as for people on Gaia Online. I hope to do more drawings over the winter break. I also need to put some of my new drawings, as well as poems on Deviant Art. Here are some examples below of what I recently drew. Feel free to comment, as always, I welcome (constructive) criticism. My Deviant Art page can be reached by clicking the link. And same with my Gaia online page. :)
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06 December 2009 @ 04:16 pm
I've been in the mood for delicious drinks lately, although I am never a fan of packing on calories. So I have been making these concoctions, which are more like virgin margaritas than smoothies, really. One recipe was inspired by the cranberries which I boiled to make my famous home-made cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. I had a lot of frozen cranberries left over, and didn't want them to go to waste. So I decided to throw them in a blender with a little crushed ice, a couple of lime wedges, half a cup of Splenda, and a splash of 2% milk. The result was this awesomely delish cranberry lime smoothie that my fiance and I enjoyed together. It was tart and refreshing, although sweet and festive.


And my other smoothie was made out of sliced kiwi fruit left over from a Thanksgiving dinner we went to at a friend's house. I love kiwi, and would have hated for it to get thrown away. So once again, I threw the fruit in the blender and decided to add some frozen blackberries, some sweetener, a drop of vanilla extract, and a little 2% milk, and voila, a gorgeous smoothie that everyone loved!

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30 November 2009 @ 02:41 am
A lot of people have been asking me, so I decided to make a list of all of my favorite Firefox plug-ins that make life easier for me. If you do happen to use Google, Facebook, IM chats, or anything else that I use, chances are, you will find these VERY useful. Oh, and these are official Firefox plug ins, a lot of them actually recommended by Firefox folks themselves.

Boost for Facebook - enhances FB (removes pesky ads, moves events to the top where you can see them, lets you poke people back with only one click, etc...)

Gmail manager - toggle btw. 2+ Gmail accounts, get updates on new mail

Glue - movies/books/music recommendations based on your searches, option to ask your friends about it by sharing it on Facebook, etc...

Clipmarks - clip and save/share articles and photos without all the ads and junk around them and save the article and/or image to your "scrapbook" which you can keep private or share with people

Better Privacy - warns about bad cookies, sometimes it's just good to know which sites try to spam you

Lazarus - if your computer or browser crashes while you're typing or filling out a form, this plug-in will recover all the text for you

Meebo - combine all your IMs into one AND have the incoming IMs pop up in small bubbles in the corner of your screen, so that you can keep doing whatever you're doing and still keep up with the convo. Have you ever IMed someone on MySpace, others on Facebook, someone on AIM, and someone on Yahoo at the same time all while browsing and blogging? With this plug-in, you can!

Share-aholic - way to share a page on 50+ social networks. Sometimes, sharing an article on Facebook isn't enough. Someone you know may not have a FB. So share it with them through the network of their choice, or just plain e-mail it to them with 2 clicks.

Youtube video downloader - if you'd like to save the video to your hard drive, here's how!

Check out my full collection of plug-ins here
I have all these and more in my handy dandy list. :)
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26 November 2009 @ 08:51 pm
Today (and always) I am thankful for:

- being alive
- being in love
- my fiance's love
- my awesome family who never fails to nurture me and so selflessly gives me so much and Josiah's wonderful family who is so warm and welcoming and fun
- my awesome friends who are always there for me
- every chance to spend time with Nina, even if it is while she drowns out the new episode of CSI as she noisily rustles wrapping paper and plastic bags the whole time
- holiday food
- all the random animals that somehow always end up in our room and our yard
- all the stuff Josiah buys for me, which I don't deserve
- all the "out of the blue" blog comments, gifts, requests for me to do art for them, postcards, texts, tweets, etc that people have been spoiling me with lately
- Runescape
- all the photographers who are still trying to have photo shoots with me despite the economical circumstances and the lack of funds and time
- my mom's cooking (deserves its own bullet thingy)
- being able to blog random stuff like this
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
24 November 2009 @ 01:17 pm
Yesterday, I watched the movie Romero, about Óscar Romero who was a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in El Salvador in late 70's and early 80's. Monseigneur Romero was promoted to the status of archbishop in very troubled times for his country. Authoritative government used a military regime to terrorize anyone they perceived to be against themselves.

His appointment to archbishop was met with surprise and dismay by his fellow bishops. While this appointment was welcomed by the government, many priests were disappointed, especially those openly aligning with Marxism. The Marxist priests feared that his conservative reputation would negatively affect liberation theology's commitment to the poor. They thought, in other words, that he would stick with the wealthy crowd, leading an insulated life of dinner parties and private baptisms for the rich and ignoring the civil unrest around him. However, soon enough, Romero's timidness and reluctance to make waves and get involved in politics turned around.

A Jesuit priest and Romero's best friend Rutilio Grande, who had been creating self-reliance groups among the poor peasants, was assassinated. His death had a profound impact on Romero who later stated, "When I looked at Rutilio lying there dead I thought, 'If they have killed him for doing what he did, then I too have to walk the same path'". Romero urged the government to investigate, but they ignored his request. Furthermore, the censored press remained silent. People who happened to be in the car with father Grande, a little boy and an older gentleman, were also killed. Romero witnessed the father of the little boy have a mental breakdown as he wiped blood from his 7-year-old son's face. Three innocent vicitms lying there in a pool of blood and not even a line in a local newspaper! In response to father Rutilio's murder, Romero revealed a radicalism that had not been evident earlier. He spoke out against poverty, social injustice, assassinations and torture. He gathered huge crowds at his sermons and welcomed the poor into his office at any time of day and night. As a result, Romero began to be noticed internationally. In February 1980, he was given an honorary doctorate by the Catholic University of Leuven.

Schools were shut down and churches were used as barracks to station armies in various cities around El Salvador, and guerrillas were everywhere. People were kidnapped for ransom and students were killed for suspicion of being against the government, with a cover up statement that they must have been a communist. Witnessing ongoing violations of human rights, Romero initiated and gave his status to a group which spoke out on behalf of the poor and the victims of the Salvadoran civil war. Romero was pushed, threatened, and shot at by the military when trying to reclaim a church so that he can serve Eucharist to the hundreds of attendants on a Sunday.He was even briefly incarcerated for arguing with a military leader in an attempt to prevent torturing of the citizens who went to jail for a non-violent demonstration.

In 1980, as he finished giving his homily during Mass, Romero was assassinated by a right-wing group, for openly speaking out against the war and condemning extremists of both parties. He was shot through the heart with a military rifle and his blood spilled all over the altar. His assassination provoked an international outcry for reform in El Salvador.

In 1997, a cause for canonization into sainthood was opened for Romero, and Pope John Paul II bestowed upon him the title of Servant of God. Outside of Catholicism, Romero is honored by other religious denominations of Christendom, including the Church of England through the Calendar in Common Worship. He is one of the ten 20th century martyrs who are depicted in statues above the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey in London.

Archbishop Romero's funeral was attended by more than 250,000 mourners from all over the world.

Although a very depressing movie, it is only so because it is based on true facts and not "enhanced" by Hollywood. The events in the movie happened in real life, and it is very sad that not only this actually took place, but also that it still goes on in various parts of the world today. Innocent people die for what they believe in and many lives go wasted in these heroes' attempts at speaking out for their nation. I just thought I had to share this with you all, because the movie touched me and I cried in certain parts of it. Here is the link to the IMDB page with all the info about it, if anyone wants to rent it. It is definitely worth a look.

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20 November 2009 @ 01:08 pm
Oh noes! Some people are cashing in on everyone's desire to be liked... This is very sad. Basically, they put up ads everywhere promising all Twitter users millions of friends. Users excitedly sign up, because let's face it - we all want more friends. Well, at least, most of us do. So then, once you've signed up, this bot thing signs into YOUR account, supposedly to make you more friends. But what it's doing, really, is, well, spamming all the friends that you already have by posting every FOUR hours. It's posting self advertisement of course, but to your friends, it looks like you're doing it. They think: "Oh, hey, my friend _______ seems to like this thing that gets you tons of Twitter friends, let me give it a try!" and then the cycle starts allover again. Their accounts get hacked into by a bot sending out tons of self-advertisement. The bots not only post to your status every 4 hours bumping down your genuine updates, but they also direct message your friends urging them to try this new friend making machine. Eventually your existing friends begin getting annoyed at your frequent spamming of their inboxes and, well, your regularly updated statuses that have nothing to do with you. Also, since you signed up for the evil bot, the terms of service are bonding you to automatically adding all their VIP clients - people who have paid money to have their accounts to get hacked into. Of course, you have no idea who these losers are, so you have like a 100+ of random people who are also spitting out that same nonsense in their updates as you are, advertising that same evil bot. What's the point of even having friends online if you're not actually getting to know them? Your new "friends" are simply lifeless series of fake "updates" that are all advertising the same thing. So basically, you're STUCK IN THE WORLD OF TWITTER ZOMBIES. And it's not nearly as cool as getting stuck with zombies in real life. And your whole purpose of being in the bot system is so that the people running the evil bot can justify charging the naive saps who want a million friends a few bucks. They can point to you and say: "See? You've got a friend for your money." Hopeless.... -_-

P.S. No, this did not happen to me, haha (someone asked). I was just feeling particularly keen when I clicked to check out the website below and read their terms of service. I then said "no thank you" to their scam and went back to Twitter only to see some of my friends spitting out that nonesense about how they just made hundreds of friends in a few minutes, and all their tweets were IDENTICAL.

BillionFollowers.com - Avoid the Zombie Machine!
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